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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am not now, nor have I ever been a gay.

Does this look gay to you?  Obviously not.  This is nothing more than what a badass demon would look like.  It's realism.  It is absolutely essential that your Demon has a manly physique proportioned properly to represent the unparalleled gaming prowess that I possess.  My Demon is so powerful that he must have beautiful rounded pectorals.  Abdominals that I could wash my underwear on.  Biceps that are so bursting that they could suffocate another man until the point of release, from life.  A rippling back and shoulders are must haves for a Demon that I control.  I am so good at what I do that he must be the manliest, most brutish, beast alive.  That is why I design my demons like I do.  There has been some talk.  Some slander, if you will.  One or two cowardly, ignorant individuals have made accusations that I, The Demon Lord, am in fact a homosexual.  That is so ludacris that I can't even bring myself to dignify it with a response.  If understanding and appreciating the finer qualities of well developed male body parts makes somebody gay, then we'd all be gay!  How can you not notice the tight, angular body of a well built man?  We all do.  That does not make me gay!  It doesn't!  That's...CRAZY!!!!  So, I have an occasional dream about deep embraces with a demon.  Don't you see?  That demon is me and I am embracing my true abilities!  Dreams aren't literal!  I AM NOT A GAY!!!  So stop saying it.  Everybody just stop!  I want to have the sex with a female.  There, you made me say it.  I SAID IT SO LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!