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Monday, January 31, 2011

Tomb Raider: The word from a non-cheater

Demon Lord here. It is my understanding that a filthy cheat-bag hack may have already commented on this game, but I don't care. I've not read what he has to say as I don't read anything lying sacks of cheat have to say. I need to comment briefly on this. Although the new Tomb Raider mini-game is different, I like it. No, it isn't nearly as in depth or large as its predecessors. Yes it does focus a lot on 'team' play. Or at least a pairing of two. But my point is this. Finally, that skinny chick isn't the only means of completing one of these adventures. Like a woman could pull of the heroics that she handles. Ha, I say, ha! Now the developers got a step closer towards making sense out of things. Taking me out of a world that is clearly a video game and immersing me in a place and a time that I can believe in. A place where a girl can't get the job done without a large, strapping man to hold her pretty hand. When his round, supple biceps thrust forth that shield so she can gingerly jump off it. Come on, now I'm in this thing! As he plants his firm feet and sprays his hard spear into oncoming foes, I become one with the reality of this world. Demon Lord out.

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