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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Angry Birds, Angry Demon

Demon Lord here. Okay, I will give you that I am stepping out of my gaming forte. I had to look into something, given the element of hype it has somehow amassed. So I ventured into the world of 'Angry Birds'. Seriously? What has the gaming world come to that this is considered an entertaining game? Are people so hard up for entertainment that they will vomit their time away on nonsense? Clearly, the answer is yes. The graphics are sad. The music is annoying. The sound? Come on, I can't even call it sound. Video game programmers have harnessed the ability to recreate worlds of realistic sound and this is what we get!?! I'm ashamed of the world that this game's mere existence is allowed to continue. It is sad. After 36 hours of this, I could take no more. (Granted, it would have been more like 35, but that big pig with the helmet was really difficult to get. I finally had to waste a couple of my blue birds to clear things out so I could smack that bitch with a yellow.) I mean it! How did this thing get popular? Who would spend their time playing this? This writer is at a loss for words. And my cell phone battery is dead. I need to get my charger, so I somebody.  Demon Lord out.

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