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Monday, April 4, 2011

That's Right, Editor B*tch! And Shadow Harvest

Today there was very exciting news handed down from the boss man. It seems we have garnered funding for a real print magazine! Check out to see the announcement. Episode one will make it all clear. No more just reviewing games online, we are going to see our bylines on shelves all over the world. While this might seem like a little thing, what I know is an editor will be named and it's going to to be me. Who else could handle coverage on such complex and challenging games in a legitimate format?

Ryan might think he is all that with his stupid girly avatar, but when it comes down to it, the gaming world needs a strong male leader. One with bulging biceps, abs of steel, thighs bigger than his waist, and an ass that could crack a walnut. This power will just propel him into and through any obstacle to take the gaming world and ProGamer by storm. He can oogle his pinup girls all he wants but those girls will flock behind my strong, burly man lead.

I feel my ascension to the heights of editor is as predictable as the epic fail of Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops. This week people will flock to the stores to purchase the game, proving yet again, that we gamers are so desperate for good material they will try anything the once. The boards were alive with how horrible the trailer looked, yet people won't be able to resist trying it out. It's awful, from start to finish. The little cheat sheet glowing lights around the targets? Seriously? You can't dumb things down for us, we are way more skilled than that. I would say save your money for something better, because you will be all alone in the world of Shadow Harvest while everyone else plays a real game. You can see the trailer here: Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops , that should be enough to make you walk away.

Demon Lord out.

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  1. I just want to point out that Ryan's blog has over 1000 more views than yours... just saying.