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Monday, July 25, 2011

Apperently, Demons don't need to go to Comic-Con!

Demon Lord here. I'm here to provide you with a quick update about our trip to Comic-Con 2011. Oh, wait...I can't...I wasn't there! I was left behind! Words can not clearly communicate my distaste towards a slight oversight on our management's hands. By a slight oversight, I mean you guys made a huge *#$@ing mistake! How dare you leave the unquestionably most skilled member of your team out of the Comic-Con trip! How dare you! I should have been there! I should have represented the group in the fine festivities the week had to offer! How could you think that I wouldn't have loved to be embraced by the strong, chiseled arms of the greatest convention this state has to offer? Sure, you got a chance to delve into the manlike comforts of the amazing people down there. I'll bet you did a just fantastic job of pushing our publication to the people of the Con. Please note the sarcasm dripping from the text of that last sentence. That's right, note it! I should have been there. I should have had my own booth! It would have been the best booth ever, but you blew it! You dropped the ball! You screwed the pooch! You...well, you get the idea. By now, I would hope my point has been made clear. And by the way, why am I not in the 'Booth at Comic-Con' video!?! I sing like an angel! Like a musky, manly, demonic angel! How could you pass up on a hero like myself who reeks of amazingness!?! That's right, I reek!!! Of amazingness!!! Well, I hope you all had fun. NOT!!!

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